Orthodontics Demystified – Braces For Adults


Braces have been widely known to be used by teenagers or youngsters who want to have their teeth proportionally aligned with regard to a person’s bite that can lead to the correction of malocclusions. Those malocclusions were open bites, cross bites, under bites, overbites and other dental problems either structural or cosmetics are being corrected by having some teeth support or braces.

This tool that is used in orthodontics to support as well as align the teeth has been widely know to be applied mostly to teenagers since adults think that they may be too old for it and will not need it anymore unlike the youngsters that would benefit from it after several months of usage. Truth is that orthodontic braces were generally used by teenagers and children but there won’t be any problem if adults will use it too because this device is for correcting malocclusions for all ages.

There have been more and more adults who have been wearing dental braces and having dental treatment to straighten their teeth and with the number of additional people each day who have been using braces is only one reason that it is not for teens only but also for adults too. Older patients who are using this dental tool for straightening teeth can experience more complicated treatment than teenagers; some of them would need to have jaw surgeries or they can even undergo other treatment before they can put in the braces.

For adults, there are a lot of dental braces available and these are traditional or metal, ceramic or tooth-colored, Invisalign® or clear braces and lingual braces. All of these types of braces were made to be fixed and attached to the teeth that would usually take for about nine to thirty months. Every five to eight weeks it should also be adjusted depending on the treatment. As soon as the braces were removed there is a need to use a retainer so that the teeth will be prevented from going back to its prior position. Retainers should be worn everyday for six months or even for a longer time for adults compared to youngsters.

The first type that is widely available and least expensive would be the traditional or metal type of braces which are not easy to break so you don’t have to visit your doctor most of the time just to check it up. Speed braces are more hygienic than any other type of metal braces since it includes special bracket that will lock to the wire, however, this is more expensive compared to others and were not that available worldwide.

The next type would be the tooth-colored or ceramic braces that blend into the color of the teeth and more comfortable than the metal ones, however, this type is usually discolored from coffee and wine.

The third would be Invisalign® or also called as clear braces which are removable plastic trays; if this would be used, the patient should be disciplined enough to follow the prescribed length of time to have the finest results.

Another type would be the lingual braces which are attached behind the teeth and is not able to be seen however, it may also interfere if the patient is talking.


Source by Robert Melkonyan

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