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Useful information about overbite correction:
Are There Ways to Fix an Overbite Without Braces?

If you have an overbite, you understand how uncomfortable and even embarrassing it can be as a situation. Your mouth may not completely close, and depending on the severity of your problem, it may even cause a lisp or cause you to have difficulties speaking in other ways. However, it may not be bad enough that you want to go to the extremes of wearing braces for several years in an effort to resolve the problem. Braces are among the most common treatments for overbites, but some people are not interested in trying this direction. Overbite represents nearly 70% of the disorders that children have orally. How can you fix an overbite without braces? There are several different options that you can pursue, and which one will work best for you depends on the recommendation of your oral health professionals–dentist, orthodontist and possibly even your oral surgeon.

Types of Overbite
There are two main types of overbite: horizontal and vertical overbites. Vertical overbite occurs when the top dental line overlaps the bottom dental line significantly, while horizontal overbite happens when top teeth extrude over the bottom teeth. Both of these overbite types can be caused by problems with either the teeth or the jaw, and many overbites are hereditary or caused by poor habits in childhood such as extended use of pacifiers or bottles or thumb-sucking.

Problems That Overbites Cause
Aside from the aesthetic issues that can be caused by an overbite such as unattractive patterns in the teeth, possible crowding of the teeth and more, having an overbite can cause you to have health and oral health difficulties also. These problems can include:

● Difficulties speaking, such as a lisp or speech impediment
● Potential risk of damage to the front teeth due to their positioning within the mouth
● TMJ, or other significant jaw pain due to grinding teeth or an improperly aligned bite pattern
● Problems with eating and chewing food well enough
● Brushing your teeth may be problematic, as well as potentially higher risk of tooth decay due to overlap or poorly spaced teeth
● Damage to the roof of the mouth caused by bottom teeth

While Invisalign are technically called braces, they are nothing like the metal monstrosities you may be thinking of. They are a simple and nearly-clear retainer-like product that is fitted to your teeth and your mouth by your orthodontist and that requires you to wear the appliance for all except for an hour or so each day for a set period of time. These retainers essentially remold your teeth into the direction that the orthodontist wants them to go for a few weeks. After that time period is up, you generally will return to the orthodontist’s office in order to get a new pair of Invisalign fashioned that will help your teeth continue moving in the proper direction.

Having Teeth Extracted
While Invisalign is the least invasive procedure, tooth extractions are certainly a more invasive procedure! If your dentist and orthodontist determine that you need to create more room in your mouth for additional teeth to come in to alleviate the problems you are having with overcrowding, than it is a possibility that having one or more teeth extracted could be beneficial to fix your overbite without braces.

Having Surgery to Fix Your Overbite
There are certain overbite cases that can only be fixed with surgery. These are cases where the overbite problem lies not within the teeth but within the jaw, or where the jaw needs to move significantly in order to fix your overbite without braces. Surgery is often a last resort as it can be expensive, painful, and can keep you out of work and school for a significant period of time as you recuperate from this very invasive procedure.

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