Pediatric Dentistry

In this Episode of The Health View, Host Yvonne Dunetz, and Guest, Dr. Jims McAveeney, discuss Pediatric Dentistry and the most important information parents need to know. Learn: When and at what age should a child go to a Pediatric Dentist, how to find a Pediatric Dentist, the priorities of Pediatric Dentistry, the importance of prevention, brushing teeth with a small soft brush at an earlier age or placing a small finger in a wash cloth and cleaning the teeth, how often to brush teeth, when your home what to do and when you are not at home, the importance of nighttime brushing, when to use toothpaste and a toothpaste that contains flouride. Watch snacking, limit sugar and sweets, focus on fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. In addition learn what causes cavities and how acids cause breakdowns in teeth, the importance of brushing, flossing, rinsing the mouth out, getting saliva moving around in the mouth, and removing the bacteria. How the use of a power tooth brush does a better job brushing teeth and when to start using them and the difference they make it. How to help to brush your children’s teeth, being a role model as a parent by taking care of your teeth. Letting your children watch you floss and brush your teeth. How soon children get cavities. What to do instead of putting a child to bed with a bottle in their mouth. What to do if your children are teething and in pain. What to do if a child has an accident that involves their teeth. How to take care of your teeth through childhood and up through adulthood. What is plaque, when are children’s teeth xrayed, when it is determined that a child will need orthodontics, how to take care of braces, the growth and development of children and more. For additional information go to the website of: The American Academy of Pediatric Dentist and the American Dental Association.

Season 5, Episode 13.

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