perawatan saluran akar gigi (endodontic – root canal retreatment) pada gigi molar bawah

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my endo resto story: revision of endodontic treatment and restore with composite resin

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recently, i got this unfinished endodontic treatment case. this mandibular molar had been obturated on mesial canals, but the distal canals left unobturated. the diagnosis was chronic apical peridontitis. after taking a proper informed consent, i started my dental treatment.

this dental treatment done in 2 visits, first visit was only endodontic treatment and the 2nd visit was the final coronal restoration. xray evaluation showed a hermetic filling from apical to coronal with intact margin.

hope this dental treatment will be long last!
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Rio Suryantoro, drg., SpKG
(endodontist / conservative dentistry enthusiast from Jakarta-Indonesia 🇮🇩)

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