Porcelain Tooth Crowns, Cosmetic Dentistry, My New Smile, And The Dentist’s Chair

I got a new smile! I needed to have some dental work done and in the process of talking about what needed done we determined it made the most sense to go canine to canine and get my primary smile teeth perfect. This fixes some crooked teeth, and gaps that I had that occurred after my wisdom teeth came in. It also fixed a few speckles that I had from where the adhesive for my brace permanently lightened my teeth.

This was not near as painful as I expected. The shots of Novocaine / local anesthetic hurts obviously but overall I would say this was not as bad as some of the vaccines I have gotten in terms of discomfort.

This is the website for Families Dentistry. (don’t judge them on their website) http://www.familiesdentistry.com/

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