ProPoint- How to obturate a root canal with SmartSeal

smartseal is a cutting edge product designed to make root canal treatments quick, easy and predictable.

Using hydrophilic polymer technology the ProPoint root canal obturation points are designed to swell laterally in the root canal to ensure that an effective, 3D seal is achieved. Its so quick and easy to use, you will be able to fit more patients into your busy schedule- one GDP in Peterborough has found smartseal saves at least 10 minutes per treatment, which equates to reduced surgery costs and happier patients.

smartseal is also biocompatible, clean and contains no latex components giving you piece of mind with an increased likelihood of success.

propoint is available in both 4% and 6% tapers. A smartgauge is available to trim the points to the required apical tip size so that one point fits all.

ProPointPT is also available to match the ProTaper file system, see our video…

or the Sendoline S5 file system, see…

For more information visit or call Petra on 01780 740574

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