RCT vs Extraction Tooth Hindi | RCT Cost in India, Comparison Root Canal Treatment ya दाँत निकलवायें

Root Canal Karwaye ya dant nikalwaye ? RCT vs Tooth Extraction !
Benefits of Endodontic Treatment explained.
Root canal or Dant nikalne me se kya better hai?
Tooth saving ideas, Post and Core, Hemisection of tooth, IPC / DPC kya hai?
Dant nikale ya bachaye ?
kya RCT se cancer hota hai?
Root canal treatment kya hai?
Cost of Tooth Cap | Cost Of Root Canal | Price of Tooth Removal ?

00:55 – Dental Pain / Dant ka dard
01:20 – Importance of Natural tooth, over artificial.
01:42 – Is Root Canal Treatment really costly, decide yourself !
02:24 – Cost of Tooth removal & problems that occur.
04:40 – Value of a tooth ( every body part is precious).
05:36 – Benefits of Root Canal & Post n Core.

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Cost of Root canal: 1500/- to 2500/-
Cost Of PFM Cap: 1500/- to 2000/-
Prices depend upon severity of problem and material used. They are subject to change after check up.
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