Ready to Welcome You to a Safer Washington Center for Dentistry

Hello WCD Family and Friends!

Like all of you, we have been trying to stay safe—and sane–at home! Instacart. Distance-learning. Handwashing. They are part of our lives, too.

But our team is still on the job! We have been using this downtime in Zoom-meeting groups to review clinical topics and keep up with the latest science in dentistry.

Now, as we focus on defense against Covid-19, we will continue to emphasize the oral-systemic health of every patient, working to lower inflammation in the body and to keep the immune system as healthy as possible.

You can be assured that when our elevator doors open to welcome you back, you will not only feel the same calm and comfort, but also be free of worry about the air you breathe, the surfaces you touch and the rooms for your care.

We are happy to announce that we are the only dental practice acquiring from the medical field an HVAC ionizing system designed to make it easier to eliminate virus and bacteria in the atmosphere. Invisibly. No chemicals.

There’s more. To address a major concern that dentistry creates aerosol that can spray into a room, we have added a special vacuum system positioned outside the patient’s mouth to immediately suck aerosols and neutralize them through three layers of specialized Hepa filters.

And beyond our every-day, rigorous protocols for cleaning and disinfection, we’ve added special UV-C lights to kill viruses and bacteria on smooth surfaces and furniture.

Oh, and though we might look a little different in some special head-to-toe new gear, don’t worry. We’re still your loyal team under there.

Most of all, we want you to know how much we miss seeing all of you. We miss hearing your voices, keeping up with news about your families and jobs, and of course, helping you stay healthy!

Meanwhile, until we make contact announcing our opening day, please stay safe!

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