Root Canal Access Maxillary Molar (MB2 Tips)

How to Access a Maxillary Molar during a Root Canal and Find MB2? Here I’ll use 3 clinical cases and extracted teeth to review some simple tips that can help you find mb2.

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►Here is a list of the products used in the video:
Ultrashort 30 Gauge Needle:
Endo Ice:
Kool Dam:
#2 Surgical Length Bur:
Premier Dental Wedge:
Clearfil SE:
Ultradent Polishing Paste:
Crosstex Nylon Bib: (prevent hypo on clothes)
Touch N Heat…

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— Calcified Teeth —
Teeth normally calcify crown to apex. The pulp senses an insult (new restoration, crack, wear) and starts laying down what I tell patients, “the great wall of china” to protect itself from whatever has been bothering it. Trying to break through that great wall of china can be complicated – while trying to preserve tooth structure and not destroy the tooth in the process.

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Success and Survival of Endodontically Treated Cracked Teeth with Radicular Extensions: A 2- to 4-year Prospective Cohort
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