Root Canal Tips with Dr. Allen Ali Naseh, a RealWorld Endodontist!😄@RealWorld Endo

Root Canal Tips – Dr. Ali Nasseh – Board Certified Endodontist
I am super grateful for this conversation with Dr. Ali Nasseh from Real World Endo (RWL). He has truly changed the way I practice endo – due in part from his videos on Real World Endo Youtube.

Real World Endo is an independent endodontic education and consulting company that is committed to the philosophy of a Patient Based Clinical Practice. Simply stated: If it is good for your patient, it will be good for you, the practitioner. In addition, our goals are to develop concepts, techniques and dental products that are sophisticated enough to be simple. It has been said, “If you can’t make it simple, you probably don’t know enough about it”. We believe this to be true!


BC Sealer videos: (Playlist from RWL).

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