ROOT CANAL TREATMENT STEPS || COMPLETE ENDODONTIC Rx | DEMO |Access opening, shaping and obturation

Root canal treatment is completely painless procedure which is done to save the tooth from extraction when the carious lesion is deep enough.. In this video I’m showing the steps of root canal treatment on extracted premolar to just give you an idea of how exactly root canal treatment is done and so that you don’t miss out any important step while doing so.. this video shows all the steps in brief for your complete endodontic treatment..
Steps are-
1. Local anaesthesia
2. Isolation
3. Access opening
4. Extirpation of pulp
5. Working length determination
6. Cleaning and shaping
7. Obturation
8. Core buildup
9. Crown placement

I hope this will be helpful to get an idea of how it is..

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