ROOT CANALS; NOT always necessary!!

A young lady has a crown preparation, w/ subsequent intense pain. She seeks out Dr. Nick for a second opinion, even though the other dentist told her she needed to see a root canal specialist. Greater auricular nerve blocks are given to reverse a ramped up sympathetic tone that was causing her pain, and over time her tooth reverses and no longer needs a root canal! Amazing!! Note: her nerve was not exposed. The tooth was traumatized and the ramped up sympathetic tone caused excessive vasoconstriction of the blood vessels within her pulp/nerve. Blocking the sympathetic inputs from the neck block, reversed this excessive vasoconstriction and the “irreversible pulpits” reversed to a “reversible pulpitiis.” This is NOT taught in dental school or endodontic residencies. Measured ALWAYS Matters! To learn more visit:
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