Lasers simply improve the predictability of root canals! “Root Cause” claims that dentinal tubules cannot be cleaned, and that root canals are dangerous. Laser photonics make a HUGE difference!
Dr. Nick has been doing root canals for over 27 years, and the most significant improvement in root canal therapy that he has seen is the usage of the Lightwalker ER-YAG laser implement to initiate PIPS shockwave generation, to thoroughly clean and debride the internal root canal system, as well as the myriad of dentinal tubules. Watch as a young man goes through a laser root canal to help retain his lower front tooth that has been dead for several years and is beginning to give him problems. His options were an extraction or a root canal, and he sought out a laser dentist (Dr. Nick) knowing that the laser usage increases the likelihood that he will keep his tooth for the rest of his life 😉 References from the scientific literature are included in this video.
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