Safer Dentistry with the Solea All-tissue Laser: The Ultimate High-Production Tool

Dr. Yooson Kim and Dr. Sam Bollwinkel will discuss the transformative impact that Solea has had on their practices, and why Solea will be even more impactful in the post-COVID-19 environment. They will introduce the full range of Solea’s capabilities, including increasing efficiencies, adding new procedures (including snoring treatment), increasing patient flow and reducing the risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria.

During this webinar, Dr. Kim & Dr. Bollwinkel will review several hard and soft tissue clinical cases and explain how Solea enables their best dentistry.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn how Solea minimizes aerosols, splatter, viruses & bacteria, and PPE expenses
• Understand the benefits of anesthesia-free and blood-free dentistry
• Review hard and soft tissue clinical cases, including the all-new Solea Sleep • Discover the positive effects that lasers have on the patient experience

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