single visit root canal treatment 2nd 🦷pop dentistry eighteeth continuous wave electrosurgery Endo

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single visits endodontic retreatment on mandibular right 2nd molar

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a patient came with symptomatic apical periodontitis with previously initiated therapy in mandibular 2nd molar. after taking a proper informed consent, i started my dental treatment. all steps were done in single visit.

i did electrosurgery prior to do rewalling or pre endodontic build up, continued with shaping and cleaning the canals, continuous wave obturation using fast fill and fast pack from eighteeth. final restoration with packable composite from Voco.

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this video was taken with LABOMED microscope,
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Rio Suryantoro, drg., SpKG
(endodontist / conservative dentistry enthusiast from Jakarta-Indonesia)

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