Standard Root Canal Treatment vs. The GentleWave® Procedure

Discover the advantages of the game-changing alternative to standard root canal therapy. The GentleWave® Procedure is providing a higher level of clean that is so effective, there’s less chance of failure over time.2

The GentleWave Procedure is a minimally invasive2 alternative to standard root canal treatment. The GentleWave Procedure cleans the deepest, most complex portions of the root canal system.2 3 Relying on fewer files than standard RCT3, the GentleWave alternative uses fluid dynamics and broad spectrum acoustic energy3, reaching into the microscopic spaces2,3 that standard root canal treatment often cannot4. If you’re interested in a root canal alternative that helps you save your natural tooth, visit

▶ The History of Root Canal Treatment:
▶ An Alternative to Standard Root Canal Treatment:
▶ Root Canals Aren’t What They Used to Be:

Standard root canal treatment hasn’t changed much over the years. The GentleWave® Procedure has revolutionized root canal therapy. A standard root canal uses files to open the path to the canal. Fluids and a number of files are then used to remove infected tissue while also shaping the canal. Simply cleaning and preparing the tooth before it can be filled can take additional appointments! The GentleWave Procedure uses fewer files to create an access path for fluid. Fluid dynamics and broad spectrum acoustic energy are administered to thoroughly clean and disinfect the root canal system.3 With the GentleWave Procedure, the tooth can typically be cleaned and filled in just one session.1 The root canal is then filled and a crown is placed. The choice is clear. Find a GentleWave provider near you.

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