Study Doctor of Dentistry in Australia after B.pharm/PharmD/Bpt/nursing

How to Study Doctor of Dentistry in Australia after b.pharm/PharmD/physiotherapy/optometry/nursing (Any health science course)
There are many opportunities for the pharmacists after they have done pharmD that is a doctor of pharmacy. It is a degree same as MBBS/BDS/MD as it is related to health and is counted as 17 years of study. Some people want to do advance and do post-graduate degrees like the MPharm, MS, MPH, MBA HCS or PhD etc. There is a degree named as MD (Doctor of medicine) that can be done after PharmD/BPHARMA/BPharmacy. Here are some of the details about the MD after Pharm-D.

Why PHARMD/BPHARM do Dentistry, doctor of dental medicine:
There are many reasons why the pharmacists want to do MD or dentistry or dentists. Most important is the pharmacists cannot prescribe the medicine as they will just have to wait for the doctor to approve their suggestion in order to administer medicine to the patient. Pharmacists are not very specialized at diagnosis. They can improve if they do MD. Pharmacists are not allowed to do even minor surgeries so after MD, They will be allowed to do that.

Why not do MD after Pharmacy:
You will find many professionals that will suggest that you should not go for MD after pharm-D. This is because of the fact that you can do very high achievement when you are a pharmacist with the same effort that you are putting to become MD. You had done 4 to 6years of study of medicine and then you will study almost 2-4 years more and then you will then have to do 1-year residency. The worst part is if you are doing the MD from a foreign country, you will need to pass the assessment test for the doctor of medicine in your own country or any other country where you want to practice. MCI in India (PMDC in Pakistan) takes this kind of test in India. You can’t practice without the approval of MCI. If someone is saying that you can practice right after coming from Russia without test it is a lie. The fee for the MD is really high and there is only one seat for pharmacist in a batch that makes getting the position really difficult.

Where to do MD after Pharm-D:
There are many institutes that are offering this degree. The cheapest is considered as Russia and many other countries like USA and Australia is also offering this degree. If you are in Russia, USA or you are in AUSTRALIA, it will be easy for you to do the MD as there are many institutes that are offering it but if you are in countries like India or Pakistan you will have to really huge struggle to do MD after Pharm-D in india or Pakistan.
There are hardly two institutes that are offering MD after pharm-D that are King Edward Medical University in Lahore and Aga khan University in Karachi.
If you want to do MD from Russia and USA that are foreign countries, you will need to transfer your credit hours of pharmacy/nursing/physiotherapy to the university in Russia. In case of USA, you will need to be a registered pharmacist in USA which is really hard task for the foreign pharmacists.
What about Australia?
Today will discuss in Detailed

How to get admission in MD after Pharm-D:
You will first need to check the list of subjects that you will need to study before you can give M.CAT for MD as it is entrance examination for MD. If you have not studied some of them, you will need to do a small course program almost of 6 months where you will study all the subjects that you have not studied in pharmacy and are required for MD after pharmacy. You will then contact the university where you want to do MD and ask then details about the expenses and after all is settled you can sit in M.CAT. If get passed with really good grades, you will get admission in MD. You will need to study very hard now.
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