Studying Dentistry Abroad Vs. UK

Hey everyone!

In this video me and @theprocrastinatinggent will be discussing studying dentistry in the UK vs. Abroad, as it is getting closer to results day this is something to think about…

Here is the list of questions Ryan has answered in this video, I answer the same questions but from a UK student perspective:

1. Why did you choose to study abroad?

2. What grades do you need to get into a dental school abroad?

3. What is the application process for applying abroad?

4. How do you finance studying abroad?

5. How long is your course, how is it laid out in terms of clinical time, lectures etc?

6. Is it hard to travel back home?

7. Do you get homesick?

8. How do you communicate with patients?

9. How easy was it to make friends at uni?

10. Where can you practice after you graduate/Is your qualification recognised in the UK?

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Good luck with results and offers!

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