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Demand for The Lip Lift Surgery has been growing rapidly. More patients are discovering this procedure and the incredible impact it can have on facial esthetics and beauty. As a result, more plastic surgeons are starting to offer this procedure and more dentists are incorporating The Lip Lift into their treatment plans. The procedure is not reversible and unfortunately, some patients have bad outcomes when the procedure is not planned and performed meticulously. Having an experienced plastic surgeon & dentist team is essential to achieve the best results.

This video will discuss how Doctors Ben Talei, Kyle Stanley, and I work together to plan and achieve the best oral and oral-facial esthetics for our patients. This comprehensive treatment approach between dentists and plastic surgeons was conceptualized by Dr. Kyle Stanley back in 2009 when we were in dental school. I have been incorporating this type of treatment planning since 2013 for cosmetic treatments (veneers, smile makeovers) and Dr. Stanley has incorporated this into his cases involving implant reconstructions. Dr. Talei and I have treated many patients with this approach and perfected the communication and treatment sequencing to get the best results for patients.

As we age, our teeth get shorter from wear and abrasion. Simultaneously, the lip gets longer as the collagen in the skin stretches. This is accelerated with the over-use of fillers which add weight and further stretch the lips. Patients eventually notice their smile looks different, with the teeth appearing small and the smile appearing un-natural. At this point, patients seek treatment with either cosmetic dentistry or a lip-lift. However, both teeth and lips are responsible for the changes and would be best addressed together.

In dentistry, when a patient presents for treatment to improve their smile, dentists usually identify the teeth are shorter and compensate by adding length with veneers or other restorative procedures. However, the teeth and smile are often perceived as large and un-natural because the teeth were lengthened excessively to compensate for the longer lip. Most cosmetic dentists are completely unaware of the changes that have occurred to the lip and therefore never address the possibility.

Likewise, in plastic surgery, the Lip Lift procedure can’t be used to compensate for the shorter length of teeth from wear and aging without having and un-natural result. The lips are the curtain to the teeth, and any changes to the lip will highlight deficiencies of the teeth such as length, chipping, crowding, color, or alignment. Sometimes a patient has had their teeth treated with longer veneers to improve their smile before planning to undergo a lip-lift surgery. In these cases, the plastic surgeon has to either compensate for the longer teeth by minimizing the ideal amount of Lip Lift, or proceed with the ideal lip length but produce a final result that has excessive teeth display. Either option will be unbalanced and seem artificial.

It is critical to avoid these complications by identifying both aspects of dental-labial (teeth and lip) esthetics from the beginning. Many patients require enhancement of both lips and teeth to get the best results. This needs to planned and coordinated prior to beginning any irreversible procedure. Failing to plan for the harmony of lips, teeth, and face will certainly lead to unnatural results and impaired function of the lips.

There are a lot of dentists who claim to have experience in this type of dentistry, but unfortunately many are just using these terms for marketing after hearing about the trend. There is a lot of science, training, and experience required to practice this type of dentistry well and it is in your best interest to work with a team that is familiar with all aspects of the treatment approach.

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