The Top 5 Root Canal Videos (on Youtube)

This video is about the 5 top secrets that I have learned from fellow Endodontist You-tubers about root canals. I have learned so many simple techniques from online videos and I wanted to share that with you this week!

Endo Gear Guide!

0:37 #5: Cliff Ruddle – One of the kings of Endo Education – this video overview one of his Santa Barbara hands on sessions with an attendee looking for MB2. What I like about this video is the time he takes to look at the apex to see if there are 2 portals of exit or not.

3:19 #4: John Rhodes – An amazingly skilled UK endodontist. I have used his GP rolling tip for almost every canine endo!

4:31 #3 – Brandon Seto – His #2 round bur troughing technique has changed the way that I root around for MB2.

6:00 #2 – Allen Ali Nasseh – PSA block – this has changed my ability to completed a molar endo in 1hr without the patient having pain during obturation of the palatal canal.

8:30 #1 – Allen Ali Nasseh – Hydraulic Condensation and BC Sealer. This revolutionized endo for me. 100%

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