Tooth Cavity – Partial Pulpotomy #2 (Healed Without a Root Canal!) – Dr. Ricucci

Dr. Ricucci’s Notes:

Partial pulpotomy in a maxillary premolar
The second video of this series deals with a partial pulpotomy procedure in a maxillary second premolar with caries penetrating the pulp chamber and the diagnosis of irreversible pulpitis. Like in the previous video, you will see that successive layers of the superficial pulp were shaved off, with the pulpotomy resulting deeper in the palatal canal. Finally, a pulp wound with ideal characteristics was obtained, i.e. a continuous blood-filled tissue surrounded by sound dentin.
In this video I am introducing a new clinical parameter, i.e. the detachment of the pulp tissue from the pulp chamber wall. This is not published yet, but I have histologic observations showing that this clinical parameter is associated with the presence of bacterial colonization. Therefore, with this occurrence, the pulpotomy level should be brought more apically.
In one canal pulpotomy was completed at the canal orifice. This point indicates the last level where a pulpotomy procedure can be performed. If the wound appearance is not ideal at this level, pulpectomy is recommended.
The pulp wounds were capped with a premixed tricalcium silicate based compound, and the crown adequately restored.

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