Tooth Cavity – Partial Pulpotomy Procedure (Healed Without a Root Canal!)

Tooth Cavity – Partial Pulpotomy Procedure (Treated Without a Root Canal!)

Partial pulpotomy in two maxillary premolars

After discussing the histologic/histobacteriologic bases, as well as clinical aspects of pulpotomy, I am now posting a series of videos showing the recommended clinical procedures.
The first video deals with successful partial pulpotomy procedures in two maxillary premolars with the diagnosis of irreversible pulpitis. As I had explained before, you will see that successive layers of the superficial pulp were shaved off, until a pulp wound with ideal characteristics was obtained, i.e. a continuous blood-filled tissue surrounded by sound dentin.
The pulp wounds were capped with a premixed tricalcium silicate based compound, and the cavities re-accessed after 3 months. This showed that the wounds were repaired with a mineralized tissue, isolating the pulps.
The management of these two teeth demonstrates that the knowledge of pulp pathology dynamics, together with the adoption of adequate microsurgical techniques and the use of biocompatible/bioactive materials, allow to maintain the vitality of the majority of the pulp tissue, in cases that were only treated with pulpectomy in the recent past.

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