Underbite Correction with Face Lift Dentistry® Explained

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Underbite Correction with Face Lift Dentistry®

When you realize there is a high-tech underbite correction that does not utilize jaw surgery, braces, clear aligners, no BOTOX®, and especially No Drilling Down Healthy Teeth, you may find it hard to believe. The patients in this video are living their lives with a new sense of self-confidence and are willing to share their actual untouched and unaltered photos and video that were taken before and after their treatment just for your benefit. Some dentists say “it is impossible,” other dentists say “it is improbable,” and our patients say, “it is undeniably true.”

Go to https://www.FaceLiftDentistry.com/ and see one of the world’s largest collections of documented case studies that improved the quality of their lives without the risks, pain, unpredictability, and years of treatment that the old method requires. We also treat patients that already had jaw surgery and braces or aligners with unsatisfactory results.

This treatment is only available in Santa Monica. Contact us for more information.

Sam Muslin DDS

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