What are different reasons for a Root Canal failure?| Failed root canal-Dr. Hussain Iqbal Wardhawala

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One may think that once the root canal is done, the tooth is dead and there is nothing that is going to happen in the tooth in the future throughout the lifetime. That is a myth and that is not going to happen. If the root canal has been done really well, then there might be high possibility that the tooth might not be affected and it remains sterile or inert throughout life and symptomatic, that is without any symptoms of pain or any kind of sensitivity but in case of the root canal has not been done properly and if the other factors associated with the decay of the tooth, post root canal, that may lead to the failure of the root canal. It is just that the middle portion of the tooth, the pulp, where the life of the tooth remains, has been removed. So once the bacterial attack starts happening again, because the patient wouldn’t have changed their eating habits and the sugary materials would be getting stuck here and there which would lead to the decay of the tooth eventually and that would lead to destruction of the tooth structure and eventually that very destruction may result in failure of the root canal, that is endodontically, or periodontically, that is through the gums. So the first reason is the persistence of bacteria in the tooth. This bacteria can be intracanal, that is inside the root canal or extracanal, that is outside the root canal. the second may be the inadequate sealing or the inadequate filling of the canals. After the root canal procedures have been done or after removing all the infected pulp, the canals are usually sealed till the end of the root canal tips. If the end of the root is not filled, the sealing material we use, usually Gutta Percha, if it has been placed 1mm or 2mm short of the apex, then there are high chances that bacterial overgrowth might happen either endodontically or through the other end of periapical route. So underfilled canals are one of the reasons why the Root Canals they fail. On the other hand, one more reason can be overfilled canals. That is the filling material that is used to seal the Root Canal that is overextending. As soon as a patient complaints of pain, this can be one of the reasons that the sealing material has crossed or overextended through the canal and is eventually irritating you or bothering you. The tissues around the root apex. So overextending fillings is one more reason. These may be the major canal of the tooth which usually does not happen but not many at times one may miss the canal of the tooth like for the lower molars if we have 4 canals and if we have missed one canal, that very canal will be active and will keep troubling the patient. So all the major canals, it is necessary it has to be diagnosed and a proper access to be gained and the pulp needs to be removed completely. Then only the patient may be symptomatic. There may be canals that are accessory, that is the lateral canals or the accessory canals they remain undiagnosed and are difficult to treat. So they may be major canals or lateral or accessory canals. So if the access cavity has not been made adequately then the sealing of the gutta percha cone at the top is not perfect, and that may lead to a lot of breakage that keeps on happening, on the top, which leads to microbial growth and the bacteria will keep on colonizing in the canals and the hermeitic seal that one talks about is disturbed. other complications like while negotiating a canal or doing a biomechanical preparation like while removing the pulp and debris and while shaping the canals . The files with which we are doing the treatment, which are the hand files or the rotary treated or the motor driven files. They may break inside the canal and there are ways to remove the broken files but it is difficult and not always retrievable. So there are multiple reasons. So one cannot think that once a Root Canal has been done it is a lifelong thing. A Root Canal treatment may fail and once you start feeling symptoms of a Root Canal treated tooth, it is always advisable to get in touch with our clinician.

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