Why Students Choose UIC College of Dentistry

The College of Dentistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago is located at the heart of a world-class medical education and research complex. Our excellence in academics, faculty, service-learning and research and clinical services, all within a convenient urban setting set us apart from other oral health colleges.

Clinical Excellence
Our faculty is composed of the top practitioners in their respective fields. Our facilities are newly renovated and incorporate the latest in oral health technology.

Innovative Education
Our curriculum is continuously improved through innovation and student-centered. Our facilities are newly renovated and incorporate the latest in oral health and digital dentistry. Our curriculum features easy-to-use digital education resources.
A problem-based model guides our DMD curriculum, allowing students to experience a diagnostic process very early in their education.

Groundbreaking Research
Our faculty and students are engaged in groundbreaking, multi-disciplinary research. With a particular emphasis on clinical relevance, research at UIC is leading advances in patient care. As a level-1 research institution, research is central to our core mission and serves to reduce oral health needs through innovations in prevention, therapies and innovations in oral health. The College’s current faculty is performing cutting edge research in the areas of anthropology, bioinformatics, biomaterials, biomechanics, cancer, developmental biology, diabetes, epigenetics, immunology, microbiology, natural products, stem cells, and wound healing. Our research portfolio is comprised of more than 19 research faculty and DOD/NIH funding of $6,991,000 in current direct funding. The dual training dental and research training program (DMD + PhD) is unique to UIC for the State of Illinois.

Community Engagement
Students are immersed in Chicago’s vibrant community the first day they enter the College. Community engagement is facilitated through various service projects, including clinical rotations during the fourth year of the DMD program.

Diverse and Rewarding Student Experience
Diversity is fundamental to everything we do at the College of Dentistry (College) and we dedicate ourselves to building a culture of excellence that is grounded in principles of equity and social justice. The College, by policies, practices and spirit, is committed to maintaining a welcoming, inclusive and culturally vibrant learning environment. The College is a community of diverse, life-long learners who embody and embrace the richness and value of diversity.

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