1202 Hitesh Tolani DMD : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Hitesh Tolani is the founder and CEO of virtudent, the leading provider of mobile dental clinics and teledentistry services, making dental care more easily accessible for busy employees at some of the world’s most renowned employers. The virtudent model not only brings the dental office onsite, but also focuses on lowering costs, reducing iatrogenic care, and providing patients the transparency necessary to make more knowledgeable decisions regarding their healthcare. As the founder of virtudent, the first commercial teledentistry practice in the United States, Dr. Tolani has been named Benco Dental’s 40 under 40 US. dentists. Dr. Tolani is also a Harvard President’s Challenge Winner, a Tufts 100K Winner, and a Mass Challenge Winner.

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