1244 Matthew Odgers, Dental Attorney at Odgers Law Group : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Attorney Matthew W. Odgers is the owner and founder of Odgers Law Group, a dental specific law firm based in San Diego, California. The practice services dentists throughout California with an emphasis on practice purchase and sales, associate employment agreements, dental office leases, partnerships, and estate planning for dentists.

After graduating from Purdue University in three years with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Matthew Odgers spent a year in Seoul, Korea teaching English. From there he moved back to San Diego where he started law school and developed a passion for healthcare law.

In 2013 Attorney Odgers decided to branch out and start up his own firm to better serve the legal business needs dentists. Odgers Law Group works regularly with young associates and new dentists by making sure they are legally protected as they pursue the career of their dreams. He regularly lectures on dental related topics at dental schools and through online CLE courses and Webinars.

In 2016 Odgers Law Group was named one of Entrepreneur Magazines top 365 best Businesses in the Nation and Attorney Matthew Odgers is recognized as a Rising Star by Superlawyers.

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