1261 Claims Handling Tips from Dental Billing Experts : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Davy Clay & Josh Smith are both Dental Billing Experts with 10+ years experience working in the dental billing and dental insurance industry. Their passion is helping dentists and their staff to realize and change the inefficient, inexperienced, and sometimes illegal billing practices taking place within dental practices.

Both have a similar background with a degree from the University of Georgia, as well as both working for a DSO to start their careers. They started Dental ClaimSupport in 2012 knowing the need existed for insurance expertise in dental practices.

Dental ClaimSupport is one of the nation’s leading Dental Billing companies helping dental practices across the United States increase collections from insurance. Using the system they created, Dental ClaimSupport transforms the way dental practices manage insurance collections, as well as making the practices more efficient in getting claims paid.

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