Dr. O shares why detecting and treating a tooth cavity with a proper dental exam and diagnosis can save thousands of dollars and maintain your dental health. Tooth decay works through the dentin much faster than the enamel and can quickly reach the nerve with little to no pain. This cavity was very close to the nerve and almost resulted in a root canal. The root canal treatment would have required a lot more expense and a crown to help hold the tooth together after the crown.

Fortunately with advanced x-ray technology, we were able to detect and fix this cavity before it caused this patient pain in the tooth and in the wallet. When filling the tooth, Dr. O explains how we utilize a special matix system to fix the tooth and return it to its natural looking state with a well contoured composite filling.

Cosmetic dentistry helps address many of these issues such as dental fillings with an aesthetic and beautiful option that does not compromise strength and longevity. Don’t make the mistake of avoiding the dentist because nothing hurts. Tooth decay/cavities can be extremely sneaky and cause lots of damage to your teeth without you ever being aware of them. It is our recommendation that you see your dentist at least once a year for a regular exam / check-up with proper x-rays to maintain your dental health and help you avoid expensive surprises that may damage your smile.

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