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At The Look Orthodontics we concentrate on providing a family friendly service. We have reasonable fees, friendly payment plans. Things that make it easy for patients to seek orthodontic services. Our practices are located at very convenient locations close to transport, close to parking, close to shopping, close to schools, so mums don’t have to worry about the fact that you’ve got another pick up and drop off on that busy schedule because you can slip in and do your shopping, come and get the orthodontic adjustment done and shoot off the football training. What makes The Look Orthodontics a little bit different is that we are a very friendly practice. It starts with our staff at the front desk, continues with our nurses and continues with our orthodontists that have a very hands on attitude to their orthodontics. You’re not going to be pushed off and delegated to systems and hygienics and all of that sort of stuff. You’ll be seeing your orthodontist. You’ll develop a relationship with your orthodontist and you’ll look forward as we look forward to seeing you. I’m sure you look forward to seeing us and catching up on what’s happened over the last six to eight weeks between adjustments. Yes we are a friendly orthodontic practice and we pride ourselves in that as well as the quality of the orthodontics that you always receive.

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