Braces Bands vs Brackets for Molars in Orthodontics

Braces Explained: Molar Bands vs Molar Brackets in Orthodontics

In this video we will be answering “what is the difference between bands and brackets in orthodontics”?

Molar bands are metal rings that go around your back teeth that hug the tooth and have a slot for the wire on the cheek side. Molar bands come in many different sizes and configurations so two people that have bands likely wont have the same configuration. Some come with one wire slot, some come with two, and some even come with a larger hole in case your orthodontist needs to use headgear or a lip bumper. Molar bands generally have to be used if an appliance is needed like a TPA, lingual arch, expander, etc, since these appliances have to be soldered to the bands and cemented.

Molar brackets are like braces but for your molars. They are attached to only the cheek side of the tooth and are generally more simple with just one slot for your main archwire as well as a hookh in case you need to run elastics.

Both molar bands and brackets have a slot for the main archwire as well as a hook in case your orthodontist may need you to run elastics from the hooks. Although most of the time the use of bands vs brackets are based on the clinical preference of your orthodontist and how he/she treats cases, there are certain indications where one is required over the other.

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