Facelift Dentistry Treatment Explained by Dr. Sam Muslin

9-Years of Failures Fixed with Face Lift Dentistry in 8-Days, No Braces, No Aligners, No Surgery, No Drilling Down Healthy Teeth

Face Lift Dentistry offers surprising cosmetic benefits because the shapes of our faces, jawlines, and facial profiles can be physically compromised solely due to the design of our teeth. As an example, when a patient has an overbite, their jawline looks weak, and their chin looks small. They are suffering physically, and many do not realize that they can have a much larger-looking chin, a better facial profile, and vastly improved facial support. Dr. Muslin says, When your teeth support your face, lips, and jaw position ideally, patients will look younger and feel younger, thanks to the health benefits of the Face Lift Dentistry method.

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