Holistic Root Canal Extraction and Replacement with Non-Metal Zirconia Implants

Zirconia Implant Dentistry – Metal Free Teeth Implants
Advantages of Zirconia Metal-free Dental Implants
zirconia dental implants
The biggest advantage of zirconia ceramic implants over titanium is zirconia is not a metal. And zirconia is white like natural teeth not a metallic gray. Besides the obvious cosmetic advantages of tooth-colored ceramic implants, titanium implants corrode in the mouth and may suffer from failure and immunological rejection.

Metal Implants Corrode and may Suffer Immunological Rejection
Metal implants made of titanium corrode slowly over time in the mouth in a rusting-like process. After all humans are practically all water and what happens when you mix metal and water? Titanium corrosion can lead to implant inflammation called peri-implantitis. The cause of the inflammation is the titanium corroding and rust-like particles leaking out into jawbone. Corrosion can lead to implant rejection.

What material is best for implants – zirconia or titanium implants? Zirconia is better for cosmetics (no gray metal) and people who have allergies and biocompatibility issues. Titanium is better for full mouth implant cases and people who clench their teeth a lot. Needless to say there are many advantages of zirconia dental implants. Dr. Adams is a dentist who does zirconia implants located in Burtonsville Maryland.

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