HOW TO GET INTO GRADUATE ENTRY DENTISTRY | Another way to become a dentist in the UK

The most common way that you get into dental school is by applying for the 5 year undergraduate course but you may not have come across the graduate-entry route. I decided to pursue dentistry whilst completing an undergraduate science degree and this put me in a position to apply for the accelerated 4 year courses. There are 3 universities (UCLan,Aberdeen,KCL) offering graduate-entry dentistry and in this video I will be sharing HOW I GOT INTO GRADUATE-ENTRY DENTISTRY.

Time stamps:-
0:00 – Intro
00:19 – What is graduate-entry dentistry?
02:03 – Can you handle the dental course?
04:30 – Do you meet the requirements for dental school?
07:16 – Preparing for dental school interviews
09:38 – My interview was almost a disaster
11:05 – Interview day for dentistry
11:52 – BONUS tip
12:47 – Is dentistry for me?

I have created a document for you to freely download so you can get a head-start in your application. You can find it on the following link:

Getting into Graduate Entry Dentistry

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