Is this the Death of Dentistry Webinar

The dental industry is facing unprecedented challenges with global shut down, massive unemployment and economic strains on every aspect of the economy. How did the dental profession cope with these types of shock waves in the past and will it be different this time? What does this mean for dental students in school today, associates who fear there won’t be enough work for them, practice owners and specialists who worry that their practices will have to adapt to a new normal. In order to look ahead, we must first understand the past, re-evaluate the present and look ahead to the future of what the financial side of dentistry will be. Is this the Death of Dentistry.

Vic Jindal, President of Jindal Financial Group and CEO of Dentistry Disrupted, has been in practice for over 25 years. His focus is on practice management, tax planning, wealth and risk for dental professionals across Canada. As a dental industry influencer with a large North American and International social media following, he has been interviewed and authored timely commentary for well known professional organizations.

Jindal Financial, Dentistry Disrupted has grown to become the leading dental advisory firm in the country. They continue to partner with thousands of dental professionals to assist in optimizing best strategies for growth using a proactive approach to the business of dentistry in this ever-evolving profession.

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