Negative Pressure Isolation at Whitinsville Family Dentistry. FIRST in Massachusetts for Covid-19

Our patients’ safety and peace of mind is OUR top priority!

Everyone is talking about the potential threats of aerosols at the dentist. The mist formed by some dental procedures could carry viruses and remain in the air in that rooms for up to 3 hours. The aersols can also travel outside of the room and into other space. Air purifiers help, but they don’t control where contaminated air can travel to. Negative pressure solves that problem by no air is shared from one room to the next. Dr. Jason Tubo and his associates at Whitinsville Family Dentistry in Northbridge, MA are the first dental practice in Massachusetts to install a negative pressure isolation system for every treatment room in response to the threat of Covid-19.

Are other dentists doing this? Very few. Is it overkill? Yes it might be. But this system gives our team and our clients the peace of mind that the invisible threats of Covid-19 are under control at WFD.

Who is doing this as of May 2020: Dr. Jason Tubo at Whitinsville Family Dentistry (MetroWest, near Worcester) was the FIRST private dentist in Massachusetts to install negative pressure in his practice. Dr. Miguel Ortiz at Lit Dental Esthetics in Wayland, MA is the FIRST Boston-Area practice to install negative pressure in response to Covid-19.

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