Oral Health Basics – Dental Disease

Invite to the “Brushing Up on Mouth Care” education and learning collection. In this collection, we are focusing on individual daily mouth take care of older grownups. Several older grownups experience a decrease in mental and physical health and wellness as they age. This frequently leaves them dependant on others to assist them with their personal care demands

There are 5 learning modules in this series that associate with various facets of supplying everyday mouth treatment. http://www.ahprc.dal.ca/projects/oral-care/educational-videos.asp

This is module primary, Oral Health Basics.

In this session we will certainly review:
a) the Importance of dental wellness
b) Dental Disease
c) Prevention – How can you assist stop oral condition?
d) Daily dental wellness evaluations
e) Personal oral treatment
a. Tool packages
b. Care cards
f) The duty of the care supplier (in delivering daily dental treatment).

Please note that these academic video clips were created for use in Long Term Care and as a result the term ‘resident’ is made use of throughout to define the recipient of treatment. This details is also important to those offering care in various other setups such as residence treatment and also acute care. In these instances, please take the term ‘resident’ to mean customer, individual, enjoyed one, or whatever term finest defines the individual you are taking care of.

Please assess Terms of Use Agreement for the ‘Brushing Up on Mouth Care’ educational video collection. http://www.ahprc.dal.ca/projects/oral-care/termsofuse.asp.

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