REAL TALK: CORPORATE DENTISTRY | Asking hard questions about life at Pacific Dental Services, a DSO

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Just because he’s my husband doesn’t mean I went easy on him, LOL.
My husband works for Pacific Dental Services, and these are his personal experiences, which overall have been quite positive. That being said I have heard HORROR stories about corporate dentistry in general. Keep in mind that DSO’s are all structured differently, and I think the corporation that you end up at can be a part of the experience. More importantly, I think the experiences that people have all fall on who the owner doctor is. If the owner doc is shady, your experiences will not be great and this can be said of private practice as well.

People ask me ALL THE TIME why my husband and I don’t work together. It is not because I think private is better or worse than corporate. I choose to practice in private because it fits my personality. In the end, we all want to practice in a manner that suits us.

Another question I get asked ALL THE TIME is why someone would want to take a fraction of equity when they could own 100% of their practice. This is a personal decision. Although Byron may not own 100% of his practice, his office is so large scale, ranging from many specialists and doctors that even taking a portion of that is more than what I make at a small practice. Private practice can also get large scale like this if designed to be, but that has never been my ambition. I work 2-3 days at the practice and that is my happy place.

This video is long (18 min) so here are time stamps if you want to scroll through:
1:005 – Why did you choose Corporate over Private?
2:19 -Why do you think Corp has such a bad reputation?
3:38 – Do you think it’s possible to practice ethically and still move up in corporate structure?
4:48- What parameters do they measure from their dentists and do you think this creates an ethical environment?
7:33 – Misconceptions about Corporate Dentistry?
9:35 – What are some perks for associates who work at PDS?
10:45 – What is the average day of a corporate dentist?
11:54 – What are the differences in roles between associate and owner?
13:04 – where is the line between what Corp handles and what the owner doc handles
14:09 – Who makes more money? Joyce or Byron?
16:25 – Who is a good candidate for Corporate?
17:35 – What do you look for in someone wanting a job at PDS?

As always, THANK YOU to Byron for being on screen with me. The man hates being on camera and he forewarned me that it won’t come naturally to him! I considered telling his experiences myself as a private practice owner, but thought it was better if he could tell it.
He obliged…happy wife happy life!!!!!

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