ROOT CANAL DAY – Painful? Scary? I’ll let you know!

Today I had my very first root canal. It was a fairly sudden decision to have it done after my tooth became severely painful a few days ago. I hadn’t done any research and didn’t know what to expect. A friend had told me that her root canal hurt for over a week and it was the worst thing ever. Another friend from work had just had one done last week and had to take an extra day off work due to the pain.

I really didn’t know what to expect but my biggest fear was, of course, the needle!

I hadn’t been to the dentist’s in over 10 years and I didn’t realize that technology has come a long way since then! The needle was way better than the huge, metal, barbaric ones I remember from my childhood. Actually, the whole procedure was perfectly fine! No pain, barely any discomfort at all! And it felt like it only took half an hour!!

All in all, it was a pretty awesome experience! And for the price I paid… it better have been!

Thanks for watching!
-The Aweslims

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