Root Canal Removal Surgery – Best Way to Remove Root Canals with Holistic Dentistry

The following steps should be followed when removing root canals properly:
Inject ozone O3 and oxygen O2 gas around the root canal tooth. Ozone will neutralize any bacterial and fungal infection that has spread into the surrounding bone. It will also reduce some of the inflammation caused by toxins leaking out of the tooth.
Remove the root canal tooth in it’s entirety being sure not to leave any small pieces of root chips or gutta percha root filling material. Often times root canal teeth will be very brittle and can break into many small pieces. Also pieces of root canal filling material can be filled out the bottom of the tooth root. It is important to remove any filling material as it is a foreign body.
Remove the periodontal ligament or PDL completely. If the periodontal ligament is not removed, the bone cells cannot migrate into the extraction site and grow bone properly. What can happen is bone and gum tissue will grow over the top of the extraction site, but bacteria will remain in the bottom of the bony socket where the tooth used to be. Bacteria, fungus and toxins can remain for years in old extraction sites and dump their by products into the blood and lymph of the body.
Remove cyst and granulation tissue from the extraction site. The body will often grow cysts around the roots of the teeth to prevent the spread of toxins, bacteria and fungus. If the cysts are not removed the bacterial and fungal pathogens will remain vital in the extraction site. The cysts have their own blood supply and exchange nutrients ans waste with blood supply and lymph.
Place oxygen and ozone into the cleaned extraction site. The gases can easily travel through the pores of the bone, killing any infections and promoting healing. Bone lacks a lot of blood supply, so it is very susceptible to infection.
Place PRF or platelet rich fibrin and completely fill the extraction socket. Do not place any foreign or off the shelf bone graft products. The body will more than likely reject the material and there will be further inflammation and immunological consequences.
Place sutures to proximate as closely as possible any gum tissue that may be loose. The sutures can also act to hold the PRF into the extraction site.
Allow 4 – 6 weeks of healing and re-evaluation the site for proper healing. Administer additional ozone if necessary. Placement of implants can be considered at this time if there is no infection and adequate bone. If necessary, bone grafting and PRF treatments can be performed. Sometimes implants and grafting can be done at the same time.
A new documentary called “Root Cause” is now available to watch on Netflix and Amazon. Root Cause details some of the medical concerns about root canals and jaw bone infection. Root canals are thought by many to cause breast cancer, cancer and autoimmne disease.

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