Root canal treatment pain | Root canal treatment side effects

The common myth of root canal treatment is, does root canal treatment work? Yes, root canal treatments are always successful if it is carried out properly. Second one is will pain vanish off immediately? No, the pain can stand till the treatment is completed. Even after completion of treatment you can expect mild sensitive pain for few days because the pain is obviously eradicated. Third one is, if at all you get a pain after the therapy or due improperly done root canal treatment the tooth must be extracted? No, again a specialist can read over it and a successful root canal treatment always save your tooth for years together. Few more wrong consumptions of root canal are, is it very expensive? No once you save your tooth with root canal treatment its very lesser compared to replacement of the tooth. After root canal treatment do you require most powerful painkillers? No, we give you mild painkiller so you don’t have any discomfort. During all trimester of pregnancy root canal treatment should not be performed? No, it’s myth during second trimester of pregnancy you can happily have treatment done without any pain. It’s better to take the treatment so you don’t have any pain and it is good for your pregnancy. Generally after the root canal therapy, you can expect mild discomfort to mild pain, this would continue for few days after that you will be alright. This can be expected only in one type of root canal that is single visit root canal treatment, whereas if you go for a multiple visit then you need not worry because there is no pain since all the nerves or blood vessels have been removed and everything will go fine.
Except in few situations most of the times root canal treatment is painless. May be your wondering but yes, due to advent of very recent anesthetic agents we administer the local anesthesia so that local area gets completely numb, hence you can comfortably enjoy your treatment. I would say enjoy because the treatment really is painless. Root canal treatments are no more painful, so you can fearlessly have it done by your dentist. Root canals are not advisable during first and third trimester of pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus that is sugar and recent cardiac surgeries at least for three months. Apart from this clinically the root fractures, especially the vertical root fracture, deep route caries which is extending through the root, here the route canal treatments are not carried out because of poor prognosis. Extensive crown fracture where the tooth has been chopped off during accidents, here also the root canal treatments are not advisable since the prognosis would be poor. Root canals are not carried out in uncooperative patients as well, though they feel to cooperate whereas the health conditions may not be cooperative, for example down syndrome, Parkinsonism or mentally retarded patients. In these types of patients preferably general anesthesia is given to carry out root canal therapy. Apart from this most of the root canal therapies are carried out in healthier individuals without having any complications.

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