Root Canal with Calcified Canals and S Curve (Wave One Gold)

Emmanuele had a temporary crown placed, but needed a root canal after her tooth became symptomatic. Her tooth has a calcified mesial lingual canal, an S -curve and she can’t open very much! Phew – difficult case! Here is the Webinar Link!

She had lingering pain to hot/cold and waking pain. We diagnosed this tooth with #47 Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis w/ Symptomatic Apical Periodontitis. After a nerve block and PDL injection, we got started.
I completed 2 other root canals on her and she’s an amazing patient! The contralateral mandibular 2nd molar has the EXACT same anatomy! I treated that tooth 2 years ago. I have a video camera on my scope now, so I was able to record the procedure.
The case turned out perfect!
Obturation Length
The final radiograph doesn’t show the curve in the canals. Both mesials and distal canals actually exit buccally at a sharp 90 curve – hence, the appearance on the radiograph that the fill is not “exactly ” to the radiographic apex.
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